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Trop branché!

Trop branché!

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Book : Trop branché! (978-2-924833-31-5)

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Title: Trop branché!
ISBN: 978-2-924833-31-5
Illustration: Jocelyn Jalette
Release date: June 2019
Format: Novel, 6 X 9, 271 p.
Intended audience: 8 years and up
Price: $ 14.95

Book summary

On his birthday, Jacob receives an iPod for his party. From that moment on, he spends most of his time playing with his gift and forgets the promise he made to his “very special” friend who is looking for a very rare flower that will allow him to transform into a dragon. He stays at home all the time. His mother, desperate, forces him out. The two friends finally meet again. Jacob realizes that this friend is very valuable to him. Of course, the boy will reserve a few more moments to have fun with his favourite game, but from now on, his best friend will have priority! The plant he grew in his mother’s greenhouse is in bloom. Is that the rare specimen they’re looking for?