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2099 le frère robotisé

2099 le frère robotisé


Title: 2099 le frère robotisé
Main themes: artificial intelligence, evolution
ISBN: 978-2-924253-94-6
Author: Gilles Côtes
Illustration: Jocelyne Bouchard
Release date: September 2017
Format: Pocket book, 222 pages
Intended audience: Teen
Price: $ 11.95

Book summary

2099, The Robotic Brother generates a debate on artificial intelligence and on the evolution of humans. At the dawn of a breakthrough in robotics (drones, human shaped robots, increasingly powerful computers, digital control of our surroundings), it’s crucial to reflect on the future for mankind with these new technologies.
The novel takes place in a world where robots are an integral part of society. The wealthy have created the sixth continent orbiting around the Earth. The planet is dying, but friendship and love are always present. Emotions are exclusive human traits. Without them, machines remain computer controlled mechanics. Can man-made emotions be “learned” by robotic intelligence? If so, it’s highly possible that, in the very near future, we become aware that we are just a branch in the tree of evolution.