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Book : Après-bal (978-2-924833-01-8)

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Title: Après-bal
ISBN: 978-2-924833-01-8
Author: Nicolas Paquin
Illustration: Jocelyne Bouchard
Release date: October 2017
Format: Pocket book, 290 pages
Intended audience: 13 years and up
Price: $ 13.95

Book summary

The end of the high school year has come for ten students. They all have one thing in common: they’ve made a name for themselves as leaders, either good or bad. Thereby soaked in questionable glory, they’re invited by one of their own to an exclusive after-party. They find themselves gathered in an old countryside manor where the decor, liquors, and food are unequalled. Still, as the evening progresses, incidents multiply: unwelcomed guests, threats, assaults, robbery, attempted poisoning…
Attempts are made to sweep those tragedies under the rug, but they’re only preclude a murder that will disturb their little hypocritical society. They see its foundation cracking as the cheating, backbiting, and hatred that have been cultivated during five years by the ten graduates reveals itself.