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Les Volontaires : Sous le feu de l'ennemi

Les Volontaires : Sous le feu de l'ennemi

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Title: Les Volontaires : Sous le feu de l'ennemi
Main themes: Second world war, air force, family, friendship
ISBN: 978-2-924253-23-6
ISBN digital: 978-2-924253-51-9
Author: Nicolas Paquin
Illustration: Matthieu Lemond
Release date: May 2014
Format: Pocket novel, 258 pages
V. Digital: Prologue
Intended audience: 12 years and up
Price: $ 13.95

Book summary

This story is about a teenager who dream about his passion for aviation. His journey takes him from the streets of Quebec City to the skies of France, through a series of adventures filled with training sessions, spy missions, love and death. Éditions du Phoenix proudly presents this first instalment of a series that focuses on the Second World War. Learn about the destiny of the soldiers who chose to sacrifice their lives to fight the Nazis during the most important conflict of the twentieth century. The instalments of this trilogy will cover the years 1941 to 1945.