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Le lapin au grand coeur 2

Le lapin au grand coeur 2


Title: Le lapin au grand coeur 2
Main themes: Birds, friendship, helping one another
ISBN: 978-2-924833-18-6
Author: Roxane Turcotte
Illustration: Nadia Berghella
Release date: September 2018
Format: Picture book, 21,5 cm X 21,5 cm, 24 pages
Intended audience: 3 years and up
Price: $ 14.95

Book summary

An intruder with claws, sharp teeth and a bushy tail, frightens the birds of the Flowery Wood. Who is it? What does he want? Dashing, the big-hearted rabbit will help his singing friends while offering his friend, Lulu Lustucru, the most beautiful present. A charming story which puts a smile on the face of the reader while discoveing the birds of our forests.