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Le lapin au grand coeur

Le lapin au grand coeur


Title: Le lapin au grand coeur
Main themes: Helping one another, friendship
ISBN: 978-2-924253-58-8
Author: Roxane Turcotte
Illustration: Nadia Berghella
Release date: March 2016
Format: Album, 28 pages
Intended audience: 3 years and up
Price: $ 14.95

Book summary

Fringant, the rabbit, decides to organize a party for his friends. He goes to the market and buys all the flowers he can find. On his way home, he sees the vegetables of Lolotte covered with weeds. He stops to give a hand for more than an hour and then continues on. In the middle of the village, Hortense is desperately waving at him; her son Jan-Jan has disappeared. Fringant promises that he will stop at nothing until he finds Jan-Jan. He stops many times to help his friends on the way; but when at last, he reaches his home, he collapses with exhaustion, unable to plant all of his flowers. Wakened by the morning sun, Fringant is surprised to see his garden filled with flowers and his rose bushes cut to perfection. All of his friends had helped and now the party can begin.