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Le père noël perd sa culotte

Le père noël perd sa culotte


Title: Le père noël perd sa culotte
ISBN: 978-2-923521-01-5
Illustration: Marie-Claude Roch
Release date: September 2007
Format: Album, 48 pages.
Intended audience: 5 years +
Price: $ 14.95

Book summary

Underneath North Pole’s ice, water creeps into Santa’s Kingdom. From where could all this water be coming from? It threatens the toys manufacturing machines. Nouka and Niptouk, the elves, investigate to unravel the mystery. Will they succeed to save the Kingdom and Christmas celebration?

A Christmas tale that’s both contemporary through its ecological message and traditional with its characters and the ambiance created by Marie-Claude Roch’s drawings. A tale where poetry meets fun and the heroes’ ups and downs.