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Madame Coquelicot

Madame Coquelicot


Title: Madame Coquelicot
ISBN: 978-2-924253-00-7
Author: Pascal Henrard
Illustration: Hélène Meunier
Release date: March 2013
Format: Album 21,5 cm X 21,5 cm, 24 pages,
Intended audience: 5 years +
Price: $ 12.95

Book summary

Far from her native Ukraine, the little lady embellished the city with vivacious reds, vibrant blues, bright yellows, glowing oranges. She never asked anyone for a hand. She did it for the pleasure of beauty. For the happiness of colors. For the magic of fragrances. Neighbors called her Madam Poppy. Like a wild flower that grows in the fields. An illustrated book for preschoolers and elementary school students. 

A very powerful text that introduces the readers into the universe of a passionate about nature.