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Simon et la porte de fer

Simon et la porte de fer


Title: Simon et la porte de fer
ISBN: 978-923521-03-9
Illustration: Marion Arbona
Release date: August 2009
Format: Album, 27,5 x 19 cm 32 pages,
Intended audience: 5 years +
Price: $ 12.95

Book summary

This story takes place a very long time ago. In a very old country. Aged seven, Simon finds out he’s been chosen to be educated. He’ll have to live up to the trust bestowed upon him by the Elders. For the first time, he’ll leave his family, friends, and village behind and go to the Great College. There, Simon will face his new life’s conditions alone. How will Simon react to these rules of life? How will he get through the trial that lies ahead?