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Le calepin picoté avec un canard dessus

Le calepin picoté avec un canard dessus


Title: Le calepin picoté avec un canard dessus
ISBN: 978-2-924253-11-3
Illustration: Marion Arbona
Release date: September 2013
Format: Album 21,5 cm X 21,5 cm., 44 pages.
Intended audience: 4 years +
Price: $ 14.95

Book summary

Is it not said that written statements endure? Simply and lovingly, Sylvie Rancourt and her late husband Pierre Chartray offer us a story about the value of souvenirs and the significance of recording them in a notebook so we won’t forget them. They also express the importance of going to school and of learning.

I drew souvenirs. Mine. But also those of Old-Grandpapa. And there were still a lot in his worn out memory. It was so worn out, that it had many holes. Holes through which souvenirs were running away. Souvenirs lost for ever, because it had not been written in his notebook.