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Kitimat and Kathmandu

Kitimat and Kathmandu


Title: Kitimat and Kathmandu
ISBN: 978-2-923425-93-1
Illustration: Nadia Berghella
Release date: September 2009
Format: Novel pocket book, 86 Pages
Intended audience: 6 years +
Price: $ 8.95

Book summary

Hello! My name is Kathmandu and I'm an alley kitten. One day, a nice lady took me home with her. What luck! But in her house there's a cat named Kitimat and she's very jealous. That's pretty normal though because I'm really adorable! But that's not all, objects are mysteriously disappearing from the house. Kitimat knows something, but she refuses to tell mewhat's happening.

Kitimat and Kathmandu is the story of two cats faced with all sorts of little problems. Despite their differences, the two cats develop a meaningful and lasting friendship.

A sensitive and charming story filled with creativity, a hint of mystery and surprise.

Book Excerpt

My extraordinary story began one night in March. Snuggled be-tween my brother and my sister, I was purring happily when my mother suddenly stood up, her head erect and her ears alert. In one bound, she raced off towards the noise coming from the front of the bakery. Since I knew she would come back after chasing the big monster away, I fell right back to sleep. As I was drifting off, I moved one paw over my little muzzle, which was already cold. Early in the morning, the icycold woke me up. I was shivering all over. My family had disappeared! I meowed very loudly, but there wasn’t a cat around to hear me.