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The worst season ever

The worst season ever


Title: The worst season ever
ISBN: 978-2-923425-92-4
Author: Marc Couture
Illustration: Sarah Chamaillard
Release date: September 2009
Format: Novel pocket book, 90 Pages
Intended audience: 9 years +
Price: $ 8.95

Book summary

The start of every hockey season is difficult for Bruno. All he really wants is to be accepted and have fun with the team. This year, Bruno's entire universe is turned upside down after he meets Vincent. After being bullied and ridiculed, Bruno is terrified. Will Bruno be able to overcome his fear and stand up to Vincent? 

Marc Couture presents characters that are true to life and very touching. This story, which focuses on the themes of bullying, handicaps and self esteem will captivate and intrigue readers from the first page to the last.

Book Excerpt

I tried to avoid looking him in the eye. I answered in short responses, just single words. I didn’t want to give him any ammunition. He already saw me as a victim! He wasn’t going to let it go that easily. I needed to avoid him as much as possible, even ignore him.

On the ice, he started bullying me. A little shove with his shoulder here and I went flying into the boards. A little slash with his stick there and I found myself sprawled flat on my stomach with my nose on the ice. Obviously, he knew all the tricks to intimidate another player. I hate it when people take me for an idiot, but I hate it even more when they ridicule me in public! Throughout the whole practice, he didn’t leave me alone for two minutes.