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Chevalier Poids-Plume

Chevalier Poids-Plume


Title: Chevalier Poids-Plume
ISBN: 978-2-923521-17-6
Author: Roxane Turcotte
Illustration: Isabelle Malenfant
Release date: October 2011
Format: Novel pocket book, 56 Pages
Intended audience: 6 years +
Price: $ 8.95

Book summary

Lucien, the bespectacled knight everyone calls Lulu, carries out a heroic struggle. Excess kilograms are threatening his mother, the pastry queen. What can be done to make the kilograms smoothly go away? Will slimming mud baths, energizing potions, or intensive dancing lessons have the desired effect? Lulu comes up with really good ideas, but will he be able to complete his mission?