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Histoire de la Princesse et du Dragon

Histoire de la Princesse et du Dragon


Title: Histoire de la Princesse et du Dragon
ISBN: 978-2-923521-19-1
Illustration: Sandrine Mercier
Release date: September 2011
Format: Roman 5.5cm x 7cm, 71 Pages
Intended audience: 6 years +
Price: $ 8.95

Book summary

For centuries, at the birth of the Queen’s eldest daughter, a dragon moves into the top of the castle’s tower. He waits for the Princess’ fifteen birthday. On that day, the Princess must make a choice: follow the Dragon into the unknown, or stay within the Kingdom to get married and become Queen. What will Alyne’s – the story’s Princess – choice be? And what will the consequences of that choice be? A tale inspired by traditional overtones and filled with wonders.