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Le renne de Robin

Le renne de Robin


Title: Le renne de Robin
ISBN: 2-923425-00-6
Author: Diane Groulx
Release date: September 2005
Format: Novel pocket book, 48 Pages
Intended audience: 6 years +
Price: $ 7.95

Book summary

As Christmas night approaches everyone wants to open the gifts. Robin's family is nervous because what he has asked for is so unusual. What do you do when you are eight years old and don't want to disappoint your younger brother? Is it possible to be too old to believe in the magic of Christmas?

Children enjoy the true story of Robin. Through creativity, tenderness and love the author describes with perfection the special bond that an older sister has with her younger brother. For Robin, Christmas is quality time.

Book Excerpt

— Et un de vos rennes, redit Robin, sûr de lui. Tu sais, les rennes qui tirent le traîneau rempli de cadeaux !

— Oui, bien sûr, je les connais. Mais tu veux un des rennes du Père Noël ??? réussis-je à dire, étonnée.

— Tu crois que maman voudra ? s'inquiète-t-il tout à coup.