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Isaak Branagan - La naissance d'un guerrier

Isaak Branagan - La naissance d'un guerrier


Title: Isaak Branagan - La naissance d'un guerrier
Main themes: adventures, courage, rite of passage, witchcraft, wisdom, mysteries
ISBN: 978-2-924253-28-1
Author: Manon Cadieux
Illustration: Raphael Hébert
Release date: October 2014
Format: Pocket novel, 300 pages
Intended audience: 11+ years
Price: $ 12.95

Book summary

To please his grandfather, Isaak Branagan, a modern day teenager, decides to cut all ties with his youth to become a valiant warrior. He is unaware of the consequences of this initiatory journey that will make him a warrior worthy of carrying Grand Aigle’s legacy and the Chosen One in the eyes of his people. Many adventures await him, filled with witchcraft and legends. Thanks to the spirituality that stems from his Native American heritage, and the powers inherited from his ancestors, Isaak Branagan teaches young readers the virtues of honesty, respect and courage. Welcome to the world of Isaak Branagan, the warrior worthy of Grand Aigle’s legacy and the Chosen One!