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Le Grand sault iroquois

Le Grand sault iroquois


Title: Le Grand sault iroquois
Main themes: Iroquois, adventures, witchcraft, courage, wisdom, mystery
ISBN: 978-2-924253-37-3
Illustration: Jocelyne Bouchard
Release date: May 2015
Format: Roman, 242 pages
Intended audience: 9 years old and up
Price: $ 10.95

Book summary

Dylan just arrived in Montreal. He is starting his first year in a big high school. He is having trouble adjusting to his new life, especially since he comes from Kanehsatake, a small Iroquois village. The young Native American meets Thomas and Hugo. Together, they play chess, take strolls in the city streets and talk about their origins: one as a Mohawk, another as a Haitian and the last one as a Quebecer. They will even be introduced to rock climbing. One night, the three teenagers literally dive towards their destiny. They will experience an initiatory journey that will consolidate their friendship and change history. 

A shaman, some deer hunting and Mohawk legends liven up this novel, in which a mountain stream becomes a powerful time vortex.

Book Excerpt

— Ce que je tiens entre mes mains assure votre sécurité, ajoute-t-il d’un air grave. Vous devrez en tout temps porter cet attirail, tant et aussi longtemps que vous serez sous ce toit. S’il vous prenait l’envie irrépressible del’enlever, je vous conduirais sans préavis vers la sortie. Me suis-je bien fait comprendre ?

Les jeunes acquiescent d’un signe de tête. Le message est on ne peut plus clair.

— Je vais fixer le harnais fermement à vos hanches et à votre taille. Vous ne devez tenter de desserrer les sangles de sécurité sous aucun prétexte.