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    The Canada-Japan Literary Award recognize literary excellence by Canadian writers who are writing on Japan, Japanese themes, or themes that promote mutual understanding between Japan and Canada.

    We publish quality books for children to young adults!

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    2099 le frère robotisé is within the French nominees for 2019  Young adult Prize of Science Fiction - Univers parallèles. Great!

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    Nicolas Paquin receives the Prize Philippe-Aubert-de-Gaspé for his trilogie Les Volontaires. Combattre dans l'ombre - the second installment of the series has been awarded by the CALQ the Prize - Novel of the year. 

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Children will enjoy discovering the wealth of illustrations, with perfect bedtime texts that prepare them for sweet dreams. Some have more elaborate and serious texts for elementary grades.

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    • De Estelle
    • Trop branché!
    • Un vent de changement
    • L'espion de Tourville
    • Les limitatoux
    • Les étés de Rachel
    • Bouche de Grenouille
    • Éclair et Sultan
    • Les sept coffres
    • Le lapin au grand coeur 2