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Victoria's Monday Adventures

Victoria's Monday Adventures


Titre : Victoria's Monday Adventures
ISBN : 978-2-923425-094-8
Auteur : Sylvie Marcoux
Illustration : Guadalupe Trejo
Date de parution : Septembre 2009
Format : Roman format poche, ? Pages
Public cible : 9 ans et plus
Prix : 8.95 $

Résumé du livre

For Victoria, Monday means liberty, discovery and creativity. It's the day she usually walks to the library, each time taking a different route. One week, on her Monday outing, she passes a printing shop and, fascinated by the hum of the press, decides to go in. While she's there, a graphic artist gives Victoria her old drawing materials. Where can Victoria keep all those precious gifts? Definitely not at home! She could hide them in the abandoned attic of an old teacher, Mrs. Françoise Ouellet. At least until she can find a safe place for it all. Theme of love and giving.

Extrait du livre

She dreamed of having a bedroom of her own one day. It didn’t matter whether it was big or small. A little bedroom would suit her fine, with a bed covered with a pink-flowered bedspread, where she would sleep all alone and where, through the lace-curtained window, she could watch the clouds drift across the sky. She didn’t want a computer or a television. She would be happy with a table, a chair, some pencils and huge sheets of white paper so she could draw and draw and draw some more. For Victoria, that would be more than enough to make her happy.

Victoria had a natural talent for drawing. When she was drawing, nothing else existed around her. It was as if she were transported to another world. To a marvellous place where she lived with the characters she created with her pencil. Her characters, both men and women, had the faces and clothing of the people she saw through the windows of their homes or sometimes met on the street during her Monday evening walks.