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Title: Moineau
Main themes: Alzheimer, family, friendship, bullying, pet, poverty
ISBN: 978-2-924253-43-4
Illustration: Jocelyne Bouchard
Release date: August 2015
Format: Pocket novel, 235 pages
Intended audience: 11-12 years
Price: $ 11.95

Book summary

Moineau and her grandmother spend their summer painting the balcony and the stairs at her parents’ duplex. Not having many funds, they must work very hard to pay for the repairs the house desperately needs. During this time, the young girl realizes just how much her grandmother’s illness has progressed. Moineau covers up for her granny, but come September, she has to go back to school. Her grandmother then takes a turn for the worse. Since there is mold at her old school, Moineau is transferred to a more select establishment. To make matters worse, the subject of her first oral presentation is: What I did during my summer vacation. Right then and there, Moineau is ridiculed, because while she was working, others were spending time at the beach, in Europe, or at their vacation home. In order not to feel ashamed, Moineau lies and tells her new friends that her family is rich. While looking for a pet, the teenager meets Gadoue, who works at the pet shop. This friendship will allow Moineau to finally accept herself and acquire the confidence and strength she needs to get through life’s struggles.

Book Excerpt

Décidément, ma grand-mère avait beaucoup changé au cours de l’été. Depuis le début de sa maladie, j’avaistoujours réussi à dissimuler ses comportements bizarres ou à trouver des excuses pour les justifier auprès de mes parents ; c’était facile puisqu’ils étaient toujours au travail. Mais les trous de mémoire de ma grand-maman étaient de plus en plus fréquents, et leurs conséquences de plus en plus importantes. Je me demandais dans combien de temps maman et papa s’en apercevraient. Je ne voulais pas qu’ils apprennent jusqu’à quel point elle était malade, parce que j’avais peur qu’ils l’envoient vivre dans un centre d’hébergement.