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Title: Petite-Étoile
ISBN: 978-2-923521-02-2
Author: Silvia Cramer
Illustration: Marie-Claude Roch
Release date: August 2011
Format: Album, 32 pages.
Intended audience: 3 years +
Price: $ 11.95

Book summary

Enchanted-Hamlet is located in the land of elves and goblins, gnomes and leprechauns, and other little peoples. Days go by, peaceful and serene, to everyone’s convenience. Until Buffed-Thumb, the master gardener, makes a very strange discovery in a corner of his garden, one morning. A discovery which causes surprise, amazes, and flares up the imagination of the inhabitants. A little bitty discovery that will bring great upheaval! As time goes by, whereas the mystery unravels, friendships grow while others shatter, to finally be revived stronger in adversity.