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Welcome to our Contest section!

Discover the contests and promotions available to you, young readers, teachers and other enthusiasts of beautiful stories.

Throughout the months, we will develop different scenarios for the pleasure of sharing with you our love of words. Suggestions ? Do not hesitate to let us know.

Current Contest

Sign up for a chance to win prizes related to novels by your favorite authors. Reading will make you a winner every time!

  • Julio, le bébé lézard rigolo
    Julio, le bébé lézard rigolo
    Buying one of these two titles (Julio, le bébé lézard rigolo or Julio et Tobi le girafon) will give 5 different schools the opportunity to win a family of four (4) entrance  to the Montreal Insectarium. For children of grades one (1) to three (3).
  • Anne-Sophie 1 : Furies à l'écurie
    Anne-Sophie 1 : Furies à l'écurie
    You have a passion for horses? Your school offers equestrian sports as an activity? You’re looking for ways to improve your student’s reading interest? Purchase Furies à l’écurie as a classroom reading project (at least 20 copies) and receive the chance to win a horsy-funny presentation by its author, Ghislaine Thibault… who, by the way, fluently speaks French, Horsy, and English!
  • Reading fits you like a glove !
    Reading fits you like a glove !

    Teachers, here’s your chance to win a $ 75 outfielder’s baseball glove when you purchase, as a classroom reading project, at least 20 copies of Sylviane Thibault’s Des Couguars en Floride, part 2 of the Triple jeu sans aide trilogy.
    Purchase Des Couguars en Floride for your class, (number 2, in Le circuit de Kenjiro series by Sylviane Thibault) for your class, then you will have a chance of winning a $75.00 outfielder's baseball glove.


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