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Reading fits you like a glove !

Start of the contest: 2017-03-10
End of the contest: 2017-06-03
Contest Status: finished


Does rallying your students around one book seem like mission impossible? We have the solution you’ve been looking for! Purchase Des Couguars en Floride, and receive a chance to win a baseball glove for a draw in your class. What better way to hit one out of the park?

Triple jeu sans aide is a popular trilogy focusing on baseball that will rally girls and boys around a fantastic story. It will help you get to the first base of reading and then race to the second base and finally jump to that third base.
You’ll be in the very front seat to see how reading fits them like a glove!
Each of our great books comes with a teaching guide that can be downloaded from our website. And it’s free! Now, that’s a real homerun!
Reading fits you like a glove !

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